JoinIndia Completes 23 years in IT Industry 1998-2021

WEB Designing

JoinIndia offers the most comprehensive & effective Website Design packages & Publishing services.

Technology Implemented
Languages :Perl / CGI , PHP, JAVA, JSP, Servlet, ASP, ColdFusion, Visual Basic, Visual C++, C & C++.
Databases : Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, MS Access & PostgreSQL.
Channels : Convergence of Channels email, Browser, Chat, Instant Messaging, Corporate Mail and MIS.
Operating Systems : Linux & Windows 2000.
Technologies : EJB, XML, JSP, WML, HTML/ DHTML, Javascript, VB Script and native CTI interfaces.
Tools : WebLogic, WebSphere, Macromedia, Adobe and Visual Studio.
Stability : We have been successfully serving clients for over 8 years
Quality : We utilize the people, systems & tools to do the job.
Technical Skill : We have a full-time professional System Analysts, Programmers, Database Experts and System Administrators.
Business Experience : Our US and Indian Development Centers are on fast trail of progress with experience of successfully implemented the projects.
Package Includes:
 Your Company Logo (If you do not have one, we can design one for you.
 One Flash banner free with this package.
 Web Site Design (under your recommendations we shall find all necessary images and shall process them - this includes on site time, editing and prep, rendering in .jpg and/or .gif., image enhancement and optimization)
 Home page plus 10 additional pages. Basic Information about your company (Contact Details and about your products / services.
 Background Image or Color of your choice;
 Up to 25 images (except catalogs) with no charge for conversion (can be diagram or photographs);
 Text about your organization, approximately 3000 words.
 Text and Graphics supplied by client by E-mail.
 Unlimited click able images, tables, or forms.
 Unlimited internal links (page to page).
 Unlimited external links (to other sites)
 Customized Title Header, Navigation Bars & Buttons;
 E-mail link on all pages.
 An on-line form with up to 10 fields to capture orders or information about people visiting your site (Please note that the package price includes a form of your design with a formatted e-mail response for customers to ask for additional information. More complicated forms such as a shopping or database search application require special PHP & MySQL programming.
 Promotional Text about your company s products and services with picture, if required.
 E-Mail links to key people in your company.
 Promoting your site with key words describing your company, products and services with the major 250 search engines and directories.
 Monthly maintenance of your web site with changes (up to 1 hour per month).
 Additional pages are Rs. 450.00/- or US$ 10/- each.
 We check to make sure your site looks good in Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Fire Fox and Netscape® Navigator
Basic Web Development Package Fee: Rs. 25,000/-



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