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Why Server Co-Location

Server colocation is the process of deploying and hosting an organization-owned server within a managed service facility/environment. It enables an organization to deploy their servers within an existing data center or IT facility. The server services, operating system and applications are all controlled by the customer, whereas the managed service provider (MSP) provides the physical space, power and network resources. The client/organization accesses the server over the Internet or on a VPN connection.

  •  Cost-effective
  •  All Infrastructure is provided
  •  More Reliable
  •  Frees up your IT resources

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Product Description

JoinIndia Data Center is perfect for Web Hosting Companies, ISPs, Corporate or other web-based businesses who want to outsource all of their IT requirements to reduce cost and increase performance and reliability. Configuring, maintaining and operating a server farm or data center is a very costly and time consuming task. In today’s fierce economic climate, it’s a better use of a company’s human and financial resources to outsource their data center and web hosting needs to experts like JoinIndia rather than trying to maintain in-house IT staff and infrastructure. JoinIndia Data Center now allows you to effortlessly operate your web sites or customers in a complex web hosting environment custom engineered to your specific needs. With JoinIndia Data Center you never have to worry about monitoring your server for up-time, managing or optimizing your server’s reliability or configuring or upgrading your routers and networking gear – JoinIndia takes care of everything! We build, deploy, operate and provide technical support for your web servers, network infrastructure & clients.

What we assure in Co-Location Servers

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Flexible Scalability

Interconnectivity Options

Better Uptime Reliability

Improved Resource Allocation


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JoinIndia offers the most comprehensive & effective Server Co-Location packages.

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