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Dedicated Server

With JoinIndia Dedicated servers, you can obtain full control over the server including its Operating System, and hardware.Dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone.This is more flexible than shared hosting.When you purchase a dedicated server from JoinIndia, you not only get a server, you get a complete managed hosting solution.JoinIndia offers comprehensive and reliable solutions for Dedicated Servers.JoinIndia Support will help you every step of the way so that you can focus your valuable time and resources on growing your business.Our Every dedicated server is fully secured, configured, and customized for your specific business needs. All servers are delivered to you virtually production ready.JoinIndia Support will help you 24*7*365.
With every Dedicated Server you Will get: 
Software Bundle
Antivirus & Spam
99.99% Server Uptime
Powerfull Control Panel
Managed Firewall
24*7*365 Live Support
Features Of Dedicated Server Hosting: 
Dedicate Servers helps you to install various data applications as and when you require. If you have taken this service then it would provide you full control over various different server operating systems. 
Dedicated Server Hosting also helps the clients to customize their software and hardware setup in order to obtain a better control. 
The great feature of this set up is that it provides you routine equipment check, system hardware and network connectivity. The client has the authority to control and maintain their software setup. 
Another great feature of the JoinIndia Dedicated Server service is that it includes various facilities and features in the same package. 
The main difference between ordinary server hosting and dedicated server is that in dedicated server the client does not have to share his server space with anyone. 

JoinIndia Fully Managed Dedicated Server( Windows):

JoinIndia Windows Dedicated Server is a preferred choice of Industries as it offers an interface with click and point server management. This interface is user friendly and also makes you aware of the working of your website. JoinIndia Managed windows Dedicated Servers gives you a distinct web presence and space, which you need not to share with anyone. With this you can have complete flexibility and control over the server and you can also keep tab on what is installed and running on your server, who is accessing it and also the rank of visitor traffic your server is experiencing.



JoinIndia Fully Managed Dedicated Server( Linux):

JoinIndia Linux Dedicated Servers provide the ultimate performance for all your business needs. Here you will find dedicated servers with Linux (Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS ... ) or Unix operating system installed and configured.With JoinIndia Linux Dedicated Server you can run your websites and enjoy the performance and security of the Linux-platform. JoinIndia Dedicated Linux Hosting solutions are the most economical, reliable form of web hosting.




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