JoinIndia Completes 23 years in IT Industry 1998-2021

AntiVirus & SPAM

JoinIndia -Offer Anti-Virus Solutions for Domains in-coming & Out going Emails Traffic. 
Our Anti-Virus Software Scans all emails which are received on your domain & which are sending via your domain to ensure Virus Free Email process. 
Our Virus signature is updated every 8hrs. And in between any new virus is found then updated immediately. All updates are automatically done by the server software it keeps on checking for the update and do it. 
This safe Guards your Local System from directly attacking your system via email.
First level of scanning is done on server itself.
We suggest you to install any Good Anti-Virus Software which has real time email scanning done to be doubly sure. As many new viruses are only active on Windows system ad they behave normally under Linux OS 
For getting the Anti-Virus Activated on your domain please contact our sales department for more details with your actual number of domains & total number of mail boxes for which you need the antivirus solution.
Top Ten Tips for Your Computer: 
1. Do not open any e-mail attachment coming from an unknown or distrusted source. 
2. Do not open any e-mail message unless you know what is it about, even if it comes from a friend or partner. Most viruses spread using e-mail messages. It is easier to prevent than to fix, so please ask for a confirmation from the sender. 
3. Do not open the attached files of messages with a suspicious or unexpected subject. If you want to open them, first save them on your hard disk and scan them with an updated antivirus solution. 
4. Delete any chain e-mails or unwanted messages. Do not forward them or reply to their senders. This kind of messages is considered spam, because it is undesired and unsolicited and it overloads the Internet traffic. 
5. Do not copy any file if you do not know or do not trust its source. 
6. Be very careful when downloading files from the Internet. Check their source every time and make sure that an antivirus program already verified the files on the download site. If you are not sure about this, copy that file on your hard disk or on a floppy disk and recheck it using your own antivirus. 
7. Use a reliable antivirus program and update it permanently. Select an antivirus that has a resident module, in order to monitor your activity while using the computer. 
8. If you have an antivirus program installed on your system, update it regularly. Every month an average of 500 new viruses are discovered. The antivirus updates must contain at least the files with the new virus signatures, but it is desirable to keep scan engines updated too. 
9. Make file backups on a regular basis. If a virus will destroy them, you will be able to replace them. It is recommended to store these copies in a separate location or even on another computer or magnetic support. 
10. Any time you have doubts about a file or message, do not download, execute or open it. 



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