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Optimizer Kit 
Get your optimization covered and your site submitted – all in one fast and convenient combo!
Normally Rs.7650/- you pay only Rs.4, 600/-. Great value!
Turnkey solution to increase free search engine traffic. Very popular!
Get your meta tags optimized for the keywords that will drive traffic to your site.Submit to Google and 300+ other search engines and directories.
Price : Rs. 4, 600/- per URL 
Optimizer Kit PLUS includes:

Keyword Analysis : Code Optimization : Easy Submit

Popular turnkey solution for organic search engine marketing and free traffic.

The Optimizer Kit PLUS takes care of all your basic organic search engine optimization needs, which will help increase your free search engine traffic. The package combines keyword analysis, code optimization and submission services to pave the path of your search engine success.
Find out what keywords you should optimize for.
Do you really know the keywords and search terms your potential customers are using? Since keyword phrases are crucial for the entire optimization process, choosing the correct keywords is essential. The Keyword Analysis report contains the most effective keywords/phrases and the most popular and suitable variations of those phrases.

Get your meta tags optimized with the best keywords.

The keywords identified in the Keyword Analysis are used to optimize your all-important Meta tags, producing keyword-rich title tags, description tags and keyword tags.

New! Now with image ALT tag and text link tag optimization!

Keyword-page content is a vital element of good search engine optimization. Thats why we have enhanced our Code Optimization service to include image ALT tag and text link tag optimization. And you still only pay the same great price. What do image ALT tags and text link tags do? Image ALT tags are the little labels you see when you mouse over an image and give search engines keyword-rich information about the image file. Text link tags do the same thing for existing text links. Both forms of tags increase the keyword-rich content of your page and help you improve your ranking. We will optimize up to three image ALT tags and three text link tags per page. Your website code will also be checked for errors, ensuring that your website code can be indexed correctly by search engines. All you need to do is upload your new keyword-rich website code – or we can do it for you!

Submit to Google and 300+ other search engines and directories.

Google is the undoubted king of search engines and powers 48% of all searches in the United States (comScore Media Metrix, December 2004). Inclusion in Google also means that your URL will be included in results from AOL Search, MSN, Netscape Search, Lycos and many more. But you should also make sure you do not put all your eggs in one basket. Thats why your URLs is submitted to over 300 other search engines and directories, including Google.

AllTheWeb, Jayde, ScrubTheWeb, Abacho, Aeiwi, ExactSeek, Mirago, Search It, Sympatico, Web Trawler and many more. Quick Tip:

Search engines are quirky and may drop your URLs from their index. We recommend you resubmit your URLs regularly. This is why you have the option to repeat this submission service on a monthly basis when you order Easy Submit. Highly recommended!




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